Lars Schou

Fotograf Lars Schou

Lars Schou residing in Copenhagen in Denmark.
Lars' interest in photography began at an early age. At 14 years old he bought his first Zenit camera and experimented with this with such success that he got his first job as assistant to Gutenberg's house.
Come later trained as a commercial photographer and has worked in this field ever since.
Through the years, Lars has had several interesting assignments abroad that has taken him far and wide. He has spent another month in Greenland, France, Austria, Italy and Sweden etc.
In recent years, Lars has had many exciting projects taking extreme wildlife and skifotos where he has been actively participating. In the slightly calmer ballgame, he specializes in taking the hotel and culinary photos, and had a unique look to take portrait photos that tell a story.

Lars constantly seek new challenges and go to each new task with open eyes. He is creative, and with his many years of experience as a photographer, he can help with many exciting alternative angles to a given task.


Photographer Lars Schou
Tlf. +45 2796 8245